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The amount of new websites that are published every single day is astronomical, but scarily the figure that we need to pay attention to is the amount of websites that fail every single day and by fail I mean websites that are left to dwindle with no fresh content and no traffic. Working round the clock on my site, which is completely ad free, means I have to stay and keep motivated in order to reach my goals. For me motivation is easy because I employ simple techniques that anyone can follow.

There is no ‘secret’ to staying motivated but there are some key components that you need in order to stay motivated for the long haul.


If you are not interested in your website and only publish content because you think it’s a quick route to success, then you WILL fail. Passion can not be found, it can’t be manufactured. Yes it can be re-light, but passion is deep down in the depths of your belly. It’s a fire that burns so hot, it’ll never completely die. It doesn’t matter how weird or extreme your passion maybe, someone will always be interested in what you have to say or sell. Believe in your product and yourself, the rest will come.


Is there a need for your site? In almost every case, the answer will be yes, but think about what your site delivers, will it enhance someone’s life. Your purpose as a website owner is to educate, motivate or entertain. Whether you sell a product or provide a service, provide something that people need in their lives. This for me is one of the best ways to stay motivated, because the reaction you will get is worth working round the clock, even if one person says ‘Thanks for providing such a great service’ that to me is 100% worth all the effort and sacrifice.


You have got to be positive and realistic but don’t let this stop you dreaming. I’m aiming high, bloody high and some say that I’ll struggle to do it, only to come back a week later and see I’m one step closer to it. I love my site, I love the readers, I love visiting other sites and seeing what other people are writing about and their views on everything. I don’t limit myself to only visiting sites that fall within my market place, I stretch out and visit sites and forums that I would never normally think of, why?

Thinking in a more lateral way will help your attitude to your own site and service. Just because these sites or people aren’t in your market place now, they are the people who could come to you one day asking for advice, so get out there and learn about them, contribute and listen.

It can take a long time for someone to reach the level of success they want, but by working hard you can absolutely reach your goal. I set up 9 weeks ago, I have been working flat out ever since and now I’m starting to get great results (over 1,400 comments on the 140 posts I have published)

If you really want it, you have to go and get it.


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