Welcome to IL CANTONE! I hope you feel comfortable in this little but cozy blog 🙂

Nice to meet you my comrade! Thank you for visiting ilcantone.com! I´m David Cantone, the founder of this blog and, by now, I command this ship alone.

Since you’ve come to the “About” page of my blog, I assume you probably want to know a little more about me and what this blog has to offer you. Well, let me start from the beginning with a little introduction of myself.

Who am I?

“Who am I? Who knows? I don´t, but I´m as real as you.” With this phrase I want to express that even now in my 26 years of existence I don´t know me well. In my opinion, to know oneself well is of prime importance if one pretend to be happy, because the happiness resides inside every one of us and we don´t need to look outside for the same.

To give you an idea of myself, let me show you some interests and personal details about me:


  • Music: I like many kinds of different music styles, but I specially enjoy listening to new age music and to piano compositions. Some of my favorite composers are: Michael Nyman, Hans Zimmer, Vangelis, Constante Demby, Roger and Brian Eno, Harold Budd and a long etc.
  • Photography: I love photography because it allows me to capture magical moments in life, preserving its little details that might otherwise be lost in time. Besides, photography is more accessible now than ever; it´s arguably one of the most democratic form of personal expression on the planet. If you like you can visit my gallery here.
  • Drawing and painting: I love to draw and to paint because it allows me to know better the world where I live, it allows me to observe the nature carefully and to be creative. I assure you that if you become interested in drawing you will see the world with other eyes, it´s something incredible.
  • Writing: I love to write. At present my activity as a writer is focused creating articles to this blog and creating short stories and poems that I send to writing contests. Some of my writings and poems have already been published. My dream is to make a living as a writer.
  • Travelling: I´m fond of travelling. I´ve always found travelling an enriching experience because expands the mind, and allows you to learn new ways to understand the life. In the old days travel abroad was a privilege of the few. But air travel today is available to most people. Some of my favourite cities are: Barcelona (where I live now), Madrid, Salamanca, London, Oxford, Cambridge, Rome, Florence, Venice, New York and San Juan.
  • Cinema: I´m a cinema fanatic. I think it´s incredible because you can live a story, know the characters and feel strong emotions in just one hour and a half and, besides, you don´t have to do anything but sitting on the couch :). Some of my favorite directors are: David Lynch, Martin Scorsese and Ridley Scott. But I enjoy cinema not only watching movies but making my own short movies. I studied filmmaking in Barcelona and I´ve made some shorts movies. Besides, whenever I have the chance I work and play as an extra in TV ads and movies. Some day I would like to make a movie but it´s only an idea for the future because I don´t have any specific project in mind.
  • Food: I enjoy eating and cooking all types of foods. I like to invent new dishes combining different foods and finding out new flavours. I like to do this in the cheapest way possible. We don´t have to pay too much to eat like healthy kings.

  • Sport and exercise: Throughout my life I played many sports growing up including soccer, basketball, wushu, boxing, and muay thai. At present I´m focused on running outdoor, riding my bike through the streets of Barcelona and lifting weights at the gym. Without any doubt to do exercise is essential to be healthy and to feel good about oneself.
  • Law: To study law is basically what I´ve done these last years. I´m currently studying the last year of my law degree at the University of Barcelona and, the last year (in 2009), I received the Juris Doctor degree, Magna Cum Laude, from the University of Puerto Rico. 

What is this blog about?

This blog will bring you quality knowledge about, above all, two topics: 1- personal development and 2- economical health care. Let´s see what I mean with each of these topics.

1- Personal development

In this blog you will find advice and practical tips to achieve your full potential as a person. Basically, you can find articles related to work productivity, motivation, confidence, task organization, smart use of time and philosophical reflections related to the happiness and the meaning of life.

2- Economical health care

The other main topic of this blog is what I call the economical health care. I think that to be healthy is fundamental to show your best to everyone. This blog will bring you advice and tips to live as healthy as possible and in doing so in the cheapest way, because health is not synonym of expensive but cheap, and this is something I´m going to prove here.

My commitment with you

In grateful appreciation of your time and of your trust in me visiting this blog, I promise to do my best to write quality content and show it in a clear and entertaining way and, at the same time, as rigorous as possible. Follow me in this incredible journey of personal knowledge and together we´ll find out how to achieve the best of our lives.

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David, founder of IL CANTONE