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Guest Post


My intention with this little blog is to create a place for all those people who love self-improvement, personal development and healthcare. It would be great if we work all together and help each other to make the most of our lives.

Would you like to collaborate in some way with Would you like to see an article written by you published on this blog? Next, I will explain you what you have to do if you want to publish on

What I´m looking for

There are 2 types of guest posts you can send to

1- An ARTICLE related to some of the following topics:

–          Self-improvement

–          Personal development

–          Motivation

–          Positive thinking/ Negative thinking

–          Optimism/ Pessimism

–          Creativity

–          Productivity

–          Healthy food

–          Stress management

–          Healthcare

–          Sports

–          And any other topic you think may be related to the subject matter of this blog.

Exceptionally I´m open to receive and to publish a guest post not related to these topics, but only if I think that this guest post can bring to the readers something valuable.

2- A REVIEW of any product related to the subject matter of the blog.

For example, a good book you´ve read and you like to share with the rest of us, or maybe a movie that helped you to cheer up in a difficult moment of your life, or a composer or music you like because relax you and relieves your stress, even you could send me a vacuum cleaner review which you think is the best to remove dust.

The idea is to share knowledge between the readers of the blog, to share what we know is valuable and we think can be helpful to others. What a great idea it would be if we could recommend books, music and any kind of things valuable to our lives. Time is limited and we don´t have enough to needlessly waste it.  Why shouldn´t we spend our time in what is really good and useful for us. We are using the Internet basically to share knowledge, and what I like is to leak all our knowledge to share only the interesting and useful information to our lives.

If you need information of how to write a good review click here.

Some important instructions

–          The content of the article or the review has to be original, that is, it has to be yours and you can´t copy it from another source. On the contrary, you would be taking advantage of other people´s work and it could have legal consequences.

–          I want new content rather than old stuff. The content should tell the readers something new. You should try to be creative and to innovate with both the content and its presentation.

–          You should back up your opinion well. Use research, charts, and expert quotes to back up your argument.

–          Be entertaining when writing. Before you submit you article or review let read it to someone close to you, a friend or a relative, and ask him for his honest opinion.

–          Neither too long nor too short. If it´s an article it should be between one and three Word pages. If it´s a review it should be between one and one and a half Word pages. You yourself will realize if you´ve written too much or, on the contrary, maybe you should add something more.

Four very important things

1- Before you start to write your guest post let me know what you have in mind. Send me a mail through the contact form and explain me what you like to write about and which are the main points you want to develop. In this way I will give you my suggestions before you start to write.

2- Send me some writing samples. In this way I can see if your writing style is a good fit for this blog.

3- Quality content. The readers of are very important  to me and that is why the quality of the content is a decisive factor in deciding if an article is published or not.

4- In the end it´s me who decides if something is published or not because no one can be accountable for the content of this blog except myself.  That is why is important to follow the instructions described above. I don’t want to disappoint you by saying “no” after you put in all that effort.

Example of the message you should send me

Subject: 2 guest post ideas: boost self confidence & healthy eating when you dine out.

Hi David,

I’m interested in writing a guest post for you. . .

(And then you explain me in a concise way your topic and your ideas as follows)

Boost self confidence

Sub-idea 1- some interesting

Sub-idea 2- some interesting

Sub-idea 3- some interesting

Conclusion and your personal opinion.

Then you should do the same with the other topic of the message.

Are you ready to submit a guest post idea?

Please Contact Me and put your “Guest post idea” in the subject line.

And remember I am always open to submissions! Share your knowledge with others and enjoy what others share with you.