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Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Steve Jobs.

Do you think that you are not a creative person? Let me tell you something: you are wrong. Creativity is not reserved to poets, writers, filmmakers, musicians or any other professional artist but is inside of each one of us. Everyone is creative. In fact, you have enough creative potential to become an innovator in whatever you do.

There’s no limit to human imagination. Please, remember those days when you were a child, remember that keen on discovering new things; that child was able to create a new imaginary world just for the fun of it. Why an adult can’t be like a child? Life circumstances locked up your creative potential, now I ask you to let your creative side run free. It’s ok to be like a child; it’s ok to be an artist. So, rediscover your spontaneous free nature and your independent self and keep your mind open to new ideas.

Next, I will share with you 10 effective ways to boost your creativity for life:

1. Define clearly what you want to do

Vague intentions produce vague results. So, the clearer the initial statement of intent is, the more likely you are to get what you want. What do you want to accomplish right now? Define your purpose or problem in detail and work focused on it.

2. Avoid distractions

In order to maximize your creative potential you need to be focused on your task. It’s unlikely you will create something of value if you are not in a state of deep concentration. My advice: work where you feel comfortable and with no distractions (like Internet or TV). When I need to be creative to solve a problem sometimes I need to turn off the computer. It will depend on your ability to concentrate.

3. Are you having a mental block? Take a break

Are you stuck? Do you feel tired? Your mind is blank and you are lost? Please, take a break from what you are doing and give your mind a well-deserved rest. If you can’t think properly it’s better to take a break. Go for a walk, listen to some good music for a while or eat a light snack. It never fails to grease the gears of the mind. A change of atmosphere will keep you awake and will help you to generate new and fresh ideas.

4. Become an expert

If you want to develop your creativity on a specific topic you should become an expert in it. Read as much as you can about this topic because it will allow you to make creative connections and find related ideas.

Leonardo Da Vinci

5. Be curious

Curiosity is a good thing. Be curious about everything around you. Ask yourself lots of questions and look for the answers.

Some of the questions would be: why is it effective?; how does it work?; is there another possible solution?; what’s the reason for…?; what if it…?; why?; and a long etc.

Think like Leonardo Da Vinci.

6. Put aside some time for your creative tasks

This is what I call my “creative moment”. Creativity takes time. You should schedule some time each week to think in a creative way. I suggest you to keep a creative thinking habit at the same general time every day, or at the same time every week. Repetition and perseverance are the keys in developing any habit.

7. Creativity loves constraints

This is one of my favorite. If you’re stuck for an idea, open a dictionary, randomly select a word and then try to formulate ideas incorporating this word. The concept is based on a well known principle: freedom inhibits creativity. So, you have to add some restrictions in order to force your brain to overcome them.

8. The power of free association

Every day you should think of 5 different ways to combine 2 things with no relation in order to produce something new. For instance: a rocket and an apple; a pencil and a guitar; a philosopher and a dictator, and a long etc. You see what I mean, don’t you? So, think some unconnected elements to let your brain to use its power of free association because it will give you countless new fresh ideas.

9. Ask you the magic question

Human brain is similar to a computer‘s central processing unit (CPU). No matter what question you ask yourself, your brain will always search for an answer (whether it is right or wrong). Yes, ask whatever you want and be sure that it eventually will give you an answer to your question. When you finish a little task you should ask yourself: Can I be more creative? Am I satisfied with the result? Can I do it better? How can I improve it? I always apply this technique to solve problems and to maximize my creative potential. Ask yourself the right question and your brain will give you its best answer. If the answer was wrong then ask again, maybe you asked the wrong question. Think carefully what you ask because is the key of having the right answer.

mind idea

10. What do you think is the best way to boost creativity?

What do you do to boost your creativity? When you have to write an article what things and practices do you think help you to be creative?

Use the comments section of this post as a forum to post your own experiences, opinions and thoughts on this subject.

A week or so from now I’ll compile your best comments into a new detailed list of “Creative Thinking: 10 Ways to Boost Your Creativity (part 2)” and publish it on here for everyone to see. Every commentator selected to be part of the list will be rewarded with a link to his blog and to his twitter page. So, leave an insightful comment and get rewarded for it.

And remember, share your ideas and enjoy what others share with you :).

Written by: David Cantone

My Twitter: @DavidCantone


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