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September 15th, 2009 · 7 Comments · Food & Health, Habits, Productivity

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Morning is the most important time of the day. In the morning we have to get ready and prepare ourselves both physically and mentally for the rest of the day. We have to arrive at work, University or wherever we have to go in the best possible shape. If we want to do that we have to eliminate the typical stress in the morning. Next, I will explain you a simple but effective tip to have stress free mornings and thus to be prepared to face the rest of the day relaxed and calm.

The main cause of stress in the morning is the rush to do too much too quickly. Therefore, if we want to avoid stress we have to eliminate rush and overwhelm from our mornings; we have to avoid doing things in a hurry by all possible means. How can we do this? We have to do less tasks and doing them as calmly as possible. With that, you will obtain countless benefits which will help you to improve your productivity during the rest of the day. Besides, you will be healthier and, thus, you will feel happier. Next I give you 2 tips to achieve a stress free morning:


1- Wake up early and save time

The only way you have to do your usual morning tasks without any hurry or anxiety, and get them done as best you can, is doing them with enough time; so, you have to save time.

Set the alarm 30 minutes earlier than usual. If you, everyday, wake up 30 minutes earlier soon your body will get used to do so. This probably will imply that you need to go to bed 30 minutes earlier. It doesn´t matter if you already wake up very early (8, 7 or even 6 am) because the key is to wake up 30 minutes earlier (and thus go to bed 30 min earlier) than usual. Can you imagine what you can do with 30 minutes more than usual every morning?

–          You can meditate a few minutes just after wake up. It will relax you and will give you the necessary vitality to start the day putting your best food forward.

–          You can have a shower with no haste.

–          You can prepare a good breakfast and eat it calmly. Meals are a great pleasure that you have to enjoy calmly and, again, with no haste. Besides, with that, you will avoid the discomfort caused by eating too fast. Your body will have enough time to digest the meal properly.

As you can see, to wake up earlier does not mean you have to do more morning tasks than usual, but it means you do the same tasks as usual but calmly and with serenity.

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2- Reduce your morning tasks

You have to do less and better, rather than more and worse.The key is to reduce as possible your morning tasks. Why? Because you will be able to do them more relaxed and with no haste. If, for no matter what reason, you have to do any activity related to your job or to your University, it should be small. That is, it shouldn´t be complex or difficult but simple and easy to resolve. The lack of time will impede you to face that task with diligence and with the effort required. You only will become more frustrated and stressed. My advice: if the task requires you to be concentrated you should leave it for later.

If you follow these 2 simple tips you will obtain countless benefits, which will have a positive effect on your productivity at school, work and home (because you will feel relaxed, rested and stress-free); likewise, you will boost your health (because you will digest better the breakfast and also because you will avoid those diseases related to stress, anxiety and depression); finally, you will improve your life because you will feel happier.

“Morning is an important time of day, because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to have.” Lemony Snicket.

Written by: David Cantone


What do you do to de-stress your mornings? Do you wake up early in order to save time or you prefer to sleep more? Please, share your thoughts and tips with the community.

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  • Tech-Freak StuffNo Gravatar

    If you have a good morning then there are bright chances that your Day will go well. So, you must do the best things to make it happy and de-stressed. Good tips mentioned here.

  • David | ilcantone.comNo Gravatar

    Thanks for the comment 🙂

  • Blaine BullmanNo Gravatar

    The morning is a great time for me to get things done, im a morning person. I never thought of having a shower straight after waking up, that might be a good idea to actually refresh me.

    A good breakfast and lots of water helps out a lot in the long run. It’s true though that you morning sets the tone for the day and your morning breakfast does too.

    Really helpful tips here David.

  • Jim HardinNo Gravatar

    I have to say I tend to get up early and give myself time to do things in the morning, but I have this problem where I get anxious to get started with my day. Its a little hard to explain, but I tend to get up early for my job as I have to commute an hour away to get there. When I get up I start doing things to get ready. Once I am ready I feel anxious to leave cause what if I get stuck in traffic, what if my car won’t start, what if this and that. So I jump in the car and drive to work. What I miss sometimes is I miss saying goodbye to my wife and kids cause they are still asleep. I think I need to step back and breathe and take the morning in and sit and say goodbye to my wife and kids. Life is too short to rush and miss things. Especially the important things like Family

  • David | ilcantone.comNo Gravatar

    Thanks, I really appreciate your comments.

    Ashleigh Brilliant said once: “Appreciate me now, and avoid the rush”. I think that if we want to overcome anxiety and stress we have to slow the rush down.

  • Robin DickinsonNo Gravatar

    Hi David,

    I finally get to comment on your excellent blog, and I’m very excited.

    To your points, I would add…


    How do I de-stress my morning?

    Well, morning is my favorite time of day. So much so that I love to stack more and more of my favorite things into the morning.

    Over the years I have crafted my perfect morning – sort of like a positive version of that movie ‘Groundhog Day’.

    For example, I love to exercise so have created a 10min set of the exercises that make me feel fantastic. It gets done everyday because it’s great to do – and because it helps keep me fit/healthy etc.

    I also love learning, so I make sure that I have my ipod on whilst doing my exercise set. I choose subjects that really excite me, so it adds interest and fun to my morning.

    There are many more things I do to stack my mornings with fun – to go from ‘great’ to ‘fabulous’.

    None of this takes much time, and it’s much easier to set up than many people think.

    Best to your and your readers, David.


  • David | ilcantone.comNo Gravatar

    I´m the one who is excited to see you in my blog.

    Thanks Robin for sharing with us your helpful comment.

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