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Where Did Watermelon Come From?

Watermelon is a warm season plant of tropical origin. Watermelon originated in Africa and has been cultivated since ancient times in the Mediterranean region, Egypt and India. In fact, Egyptians were avid consumers of this fruit. Watermelon moved around from the Nile Valley to China and Europe. Nowadays it is one of the fruits most spread over the world, and the principal producing countries are: Turkey, Spain, Greece, Italy, Japan and China.

Why should we eat watermelon?

1- Because its delicious sweet flavour.

2- Because it is not fattening and, in fact, it helps you to lose weight.

3- Because it is perfect to hydrate your body and to quench thirst during hot days due to its extremely high content of water (93%).

4- Because watermelon is diuretic, thus it helps to purify the organism eliminating toxins.

5- Because it contains the highest level of licopen than any other fruit, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps to reduce the probability to have some types of cancer, and besides, it helps to fight against heart and degenerative diseases.

6- Because it improves functioning of the kidneys and urinary system.

7- Because it has vitamins (A, B1, B6 and C) which help to fight against stress.

Which watermelon should we buy?

1- Look at the color on the bottom. A ripe watermelon will have a yellow bottom. On the contrary, if the watermelon has a green or white bottom probably it will be unripe.

2- Thump it with your fingers or with the palm of your hand. If the watermelon sounds hollow, it’s ripe.

When is the right moment to eat watermelon?

The ideal moment to eat watermelon is during the summer, but you can eat good watermelons until the beginning of fall. This is because watermelons mature throughout summer.

So go ahead and enjoy eating watermelon, a cheap and healthy delicacy for your summer vacation.

Writen by: David Cantone

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