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I love this video, short but with a powerful message: The entrepreneurial spirit has no limits, nationality, gender or age; it’s in every one of us. Everybody has what it takes to succeed even when the circumstances are not favorable or discouraging. Impossible is just a word of weakness. After watching this inspirational video you will never use it again my friend.  Let me show you the best example of what I call entrepreneurial spirit.

William Kamkwamba recounts his mission to overcome famine and poverty in his village by building a windmill from a picture in a library book.


1. Do what you want & do it now!

He wants a windmill and just built it! What do you want? Once you know what it is go for it. Do it, and do it now! Nobody will fight for your hopes and dreams but you. So, don’t waste your life waiting for something to happen and do what you want now.

2. Adverse circumstances are no excuse for weakness of character

This guy didn’t have the proper resources to build a windmill, but he had something more important than that, he had determination, persistence and faith.

3. Become a believer

The townspeople thought he was crazy. William had no support from anyone but persevered and succeeded anyway. He believed it was possible despite the naysayers, despite the language barrier (he had to learn English from scratch).He was right: impossible became possible, the crazy guy became a creative genius and the dream became reality. Trust yourself and believe my friend, everything is possible in this mad world.

William Kamkwamba makes me feel proud of humankind and fill my soul with new energy to dream and work hard for what I want.

And remember, whatever happens, never give up!

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Written by: David Cantone

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