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This is one of my favorite inspirational videos. When I first saw it I was moved. Even now, after watching it so many times, I feel the intensity of emotion that I felt the first time. Watch this amazing and inspiring video and keep reading because I share with you 5 important lessons we can learn from it, and 5 important questions we should ask ourselves. Enjoy it 🙂


  • Each of us are born to do something in this world, we only have to find what it is.

Paul Potts found out what he was born to do: an opera singer. No one believed in him. He was alone on stage, in front of hundreds of people willing to laugh at him. What did he do? He did what he was born to do: sing opera. Have you noticed how changed his face when the music came on? When he heard the music he was transformed; his gesture changed, his eyes lost in the emptiness, and then… the caterpillar became a butterfly; the frog became a prince; and Paul Potts became an opera singer.

  • We have to practice hard to achieve excellence in what we do.

You cannot build your talent overnight. I mean, Paul Potts has an incredible voice, ok, but this is not enough to sing like an opera singer. He started to sing when he was 11 years old and, in his early life, Potts sang in the school’s choir and with the choirs at several Bristol churches. He worked hard to develop his talent until he became successful. Great things take time and effort.

  • Life presents us opportunities every so often to show to the world who we are and what we do. We only have to identify those opportunities.
  • Identified the opportunity we have to overcome our fear of being wrong and act. Be confident, believe in yourself and go after your dreams.

Paul Potts entered Britain’s Got Talent despite not having sung in years. He told us about his lack of confidence. We only have to see his trembling face to realize how difficult it was for him to be on stage in front of hundreds of people. In front of the spotlights, the public, the jury, the TV cameras with hundreds of thousands of people watching him on TV. He could be resting in his home watching the show on TV and daydreaming about what it would be like to be there showing to the world his talent. But, instead of all that, he was brave enough to go to the casting call with literally hundreds of other people. For Paul Potts the risks paid off. So, take reasonable risks for career advancement. Overcome your fear of failure just as Potts did.  

  • Quality is always rewarded. If what you do is valuable, sooner or later, you will be generously rewarded. So, never give up, keep trying, keep working hard and success will be just a matter of time.


1- What are you born to do?

2- Are you working hard enough?

3- Do you identify life’s opportunities?

4- Are you taking advantage of your opportunities? Are you living with fear? Do you take risks?

5- Is your work valuable to others?

And the last and the most important question: Are you giving up on your dreams? I hope not, because your dreams come first; your life and happiness are at stake. It really is worth the effort. Isn’t it?

Paul Potts Music:

Written by: David Cantone

What lesson or inspiration do you take from the video? Do you know other good inspirational videos? I would love to hear your comments… so keep them coming! 🙂 


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