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All of us are born equal, with the same opportunities to achieve the success we desire. Many people blame their failure on their constant bad luck, but there is something we have to make clear: we don’t have good luck; we make our own good luck. It’s our own attitude toward what happens in our daily life the reason to achieve success or not in whatever we do.

Next, I will show you 5 simple tips to improve your luck as much as possible:

pay attention be awake

1- Be awake and alert

Unlucky people have the same opportunities than lucky ones; the problem is, they just don’t see them. You have to pay attention to what’s around you to identify opportunities.

take risks

2- Be brave, take risks and act

Once you have identified the opportunity, you have to take one more step and act. If we don’t act we will see how anyone else is going to take that opportunity and then, we will feel frustrated, angry and sad just thinking we could be the lucky ones. In most cases good opportunities have an intrinsic risk. We have to think about if we can face or not that risk; we have to weigh the costs against the benefits of taking that risk. You only live once, so take risks (in a reasoned way) and act.


3- Pay attention to your intuition.

Don’t overlook your feelings. Pay attention to that inner voice that tells you what to do or not to do. The intuition is the solution that the subconscious find to a problem. The subconscious works with tons of information that we don’t even know about; this information has been extracted from our life experiences throughout the years. When a problem or question appears subconscious leaks all that information and give us an answer in a feeling way. Follow the path indicated by that feeling because in most cases it will be right. Believe in your feelings.


4- Don’t be afraid of being wrong & learn from mistakes.

All the choices and decisions we make in life have an intrinsic risk. Sometimes those decisions will be right and sometimes will be wrong, and then, we will suffer the consequences of that mistake. But don’t get discouraged when you make the wrong decision because every mistake rewards you with a valuable lesson, that is, every mistake provides you with valuable information to make a better choice for your next move. When you make a mistake you have to put effort into identifying that lesson and, then, you have to internalize it to avoid making the same mistake in the future. Our mistakes allow us to make positive changes in our life. Al Franken said once: “Mistakes are a part of being human. Appreciate your mistakes for what they are: precious life lessons that can only be learned the hard way. Unless it’s a fatal mistake, which, at least, others can learn from.

believe in yourself

5- Believe in yourself and in your potential.

You have to believe you’re worthy of your goals and are capable of achieving them because, with that confidence, there will be strong likelihood to achieve success. But, if you don’t believe in yourself you will probably fail in whatever you are trying to accomplish in life.

If you follow these 5 simple tips, soon you will realize how much your luck improves and you will enjoy its benefits in your life.

Written by: David Cantone

What do you think about luck? What would you change or add to this list? Share your thoughts with the community.


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