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January 17th, 2010 · 20 Comments · Guest Posts, Habits

The amount of new websites that are published every single day is astronomical, but scarily the figure that we need to pay attention to is the amount of websites that fail every single day and by fail I mean websites that are left to dwindle with no fresh content and no traffic. Working round the clock on my site, which is completely ad free, means I have to stay and keep motivated in order to reach my goals. For me motivation is easy because I employ simple techniques that anyone can follow.

There is no ‘secret’ to staying motivated but there are some key components that you need in order to stay motivated for the long haul.


If you are not interested in your website and only publish content because you think it’s a quick route to success, then you WILL fail. Passion can not be found, it can’t be manufactured. Yes it can be re-light, but passion is deep down in the depths of your belly. It’s a fire that burns so hot, it’ll never completely die. It doesn’t matter how weird or extreme your passion maybe, someone will always be interested in what you have to say or sell. Believe in your product and yourself, the rest will come.


Is there a need for your site? In almost every case, the answer will be yes, but think about what your site delivers, will it enhance someone’s life. Your purpose as a website owner is to educate, motivate or entertain. Whether you sell a product or provide a service, provide something that people need in their lives. This for me is one of the best ways to stay motivated, because the reaction you will get is worth working round the clock, even if one person says ‘Thanks for providing such a great service’ that to me is 100% worth all the effort and sacrifice.


You have got to be positive and realistic but don’t let this stop you dreaming. I’m aiming high, bloody high and some say that I’ll struggle to do it, only to come back a week later and see I’m one step closer to it. I love my site, I love the readers, I love visiting other sites and seeing what other people are writing about and their views on everything. I don’t limit myself to only visiting sites that fall within my market place, I stretch out and visit sites and forums that I would never normally think of, why?

Thinking in a more lateral way will help your attitude to your own site and service. Just because these sites or people aren’t in your market place now, they are the people who could come to you one day asking for advice, so get out there and learn about them, contribute and listen.

It can take a long time for someone to reach the level of success they want, but by working hard you can absolutely reach your goal. I set up 9 weeks ago, I have been working flat out ever since and now I’m starting to get great results (over 1,400 comments on the 140 posts I have published)

If you really want it, you have to go and get it.


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  • RyanNo Gravatar

    Hi James,

    Lateral thinking! So key. Even with a strong passion for some definite aim you should explore each of your interests.

    It’s like a domino effect. The better you feel about everything you do the more motivated you’ll be to pursue each activity.

    When I engage in my hobbies things happen more easily for me. The right people reach me, often times from directions which I hadn’t anticipated.(the universe is like that) This keeps me motivated, and the cycle continues as my motivation continues to reveal unexplored possibilities for me.

    One thing to note on motivation: everything you want is downstream. The easiest way is the best. This has been the #1 challenge/fun opportunity for me. Hard work is force, and force negates. Sure you’re get there after years of struggle. If you find yourself needing motivation day in and day out it might be time to take a break from what you’re doing. Your ego may think that you’re heading in the right direction but the universe may have other plans for you. Learn to listen to the universe and you’ll rarely need motivation because everything will be effortless.


  • AaronNo Gravatar

    “Just because these sites or people aren’t in your market place now, they are the people who could come to you one day asking for advice, so get out there and learn about them, contribute and listen.”

    This is a great point. Currently I provide a local service. In the near future I plan to provide my service online and by visiting and participating on many blogs on a variety of topics I am hopefully creating bonds, and possible friendships. Since my service is something that is beneficial to everyone, it would make sense that they would possibly consider me based on a prior relationship.
    My favorite thing about the internet is the availability of info at your fingertips in an instant. Every day I can learn so many new things on a wide range of topics.
    .-= Aaron´s last blog ..So Mark McGwire took steroids… =-.

  • TheInfoPreneurNo Gravatar

    Yeah we are so completely blessed having all this !

    It’s crazy to think that the world we live in now, was actually built without having google or twitter!

    Great comment and thanks for the support
    .-= TheInfoPreneur´s last blog ..My New Book =-.

  • Rosalie KrammNo Gravatar

    Staying motivated is key to success. The InfoPreneuer is correct in that it can not be manufactured. One way to stay motivated is to surround yourself with like-minded people in other businesses/professions. Having relationships with other CEOs or business owners who have a similar passion/energy as you do, and using each other for stimuli, is an extremely effective way to stay motivated.

    • TheInfoPreneurNo Gravatar

      Hey Rosalie,

      surrounding yourself in a motivated bubble by having great relationships with like minded people, is quite probably the best way to do it!

      Great comment
      .-= TheInfoPreneur´s last blog ..My New Book =-.

  • Robin DickinsonNo Gravatar

    Hi James,

    Yes, so many times we get all excited about starting up the big idea, but lose momentum quickly. Your post is very timely.

    Sustained motivation is certainly one of my core competencies. It plays such a key role, especially on-line.

    Two motivation-sustaining points I would add to your already excellent post:

    1) Make it fun. Don’t take it all too seriously. Find ways to enjoy the process;

    2) Make the work sustainable. So many people on-line start strong with an approach that is unsustainable. It’s just too much work. Find an approach that you can sustain e.g. shorter, more punchy posts or a unique angle that requires less effort.

    Best to you, James – and respect to David.

    Robin 🙂
    .-= Robin Dickinson´s last blog ..How to have real impact =-.

  • Ben LumleyNo Gravatar

    Good post James.

    It’s the fire in your belly that keeps you going. We’ve talked about passion at lot before, so I know your thoughts.

    Too many sites set up cover every inch in adsense and affiliate links expecting a quick. The real successes, like you, are the ones who would do it for free because they’re passionate about what they do
    .-= Ben Lumley´s last blog ..Taking the red pill – lessons for life from the Matrix =-.

  • Anthony FeintNo Gravatar

    I agree with creating something that people “need” – it really makes a big difference.

    My biggest motivator is feedback from users of my app. One email saids:

    “I totally love this service. I just want to thank you for creating this”

    This simple comment made my entire week and proved to be a huge motivator.

    btw. if people really love an app they should make an effort to tell the founders. It really makes a break from constant press criticism!
    .-= Anthony Feint´s last blog ..How to Take a Caffeine Nap =-.

  • Ms. FreemanNo Gravatar

    I can definitely say that if my blog didn’t have the potential to earn some sort of revenue I probably would keep up with it. Not that making money is my main motivation it is just that I like to have that as one of the goals in the end.
    .-= Ms. Freeman´s last blog ..Do you have Blogger’s Butt? =-.

  • Dragon BloggerNo Gravatar

    You have done a great job inciting comments and engaging your readers, I average only 3 comments per post, but you average 10 which is incredible.
    .-= Dragon Blogger´s last blog ..Should You Have an Alexa Badge On Your Site? =-.

  • Jared P LittleNo Gravatar

    If you really want it go get it. Great advice that how I got in to this game. I sat down and said now it the time, now I am going to make it happen. I want suceed more then every and I will do what every it takes to run a successful online business. Thanks for the inspiration and advice.
    .-= Jared P Little´s last blog ..David Risley Pre Launch Freebie’s =-.

  • Mick MorrisNo Gravatar

    Passion and motivation are some things that you clearly OOZE James, and your attitude is damn near contagious…
    .-= Mick Morris´s last blog ..Win part of your ultimate reading list. =-.

  • Eleanor EdwardsNo Gravatar

    It’s interesting to read this because it’s got me thinking. We set Give A Brick up as a charity. Charity’s need to raise funds and awareness to do good things. That’s why we started blogging.

    But now when I’m writing blog posts, it’s not about writing 500 words to fill a space on the site, it’s about sharing stuff that will help, encourage, engage with another person.

    Whilst the concept behind the charity hasn’t changed, it now feels like I’m writing to have a positive impact on the person visiting us. It’s more relational I guess is what I’m getting about.

    And that’s given me renewed passion and excitement. And I agree, it’s like a drug – but a very fun and less dangerous one 😉

  • RalphNo Gravatar

    My biggest hangup so far is need. Does anybody really need my blog? So far I have been able to press ahead regardless.
    .-= Ralph´s last blog ..Success is a process not a destination! =-.

  • jonericNo Gravatar

    Simple advice, yet sometimes harder to follow than one would think. When we get beat down a lot in life we can deny the very things that we love doing. These passions get left behind, yet never go unforgotten.

    There are times when you will “wonder” if things could have been different, or if maybe you just knew more then you could have succeeded at it.

    You are so right when you say to just believe in yourself, because the belief that “I’m not good enough” is the very thing that actually stops us from pursuing our passions.

    If its been so long that you can’t really remember what your passions are, think of them as interests. What interests do you have that you would like to do?

    In my opinion that is an easier way of determining ones passions than trying to think of “whats my passion”. The reason for this is that we often get the underlying thought that it can only be one thing.

    That really is not the case. You can and do have many interests, those are your passions. Pursue them, never give up, and you will love life.

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